Going native

It’s now day four and I am gaining confidence in my new life. I swipe my ID card noncholantly as I enter college buildings , an extra swipe at the desk in my student residence, to let the security guard keep a tally of who’s in and who’s out I presume. The security guards are polite and patient in dealing with my numerous requests for help. Yesterday, as I swiped, one said, slightly puzzled, “are you a student?’. ‘oh yes’ I grinned, ‘of the non traditional kind’ , and we had a chat about mid life achievements: he had published a book at the age of fifty five. Every day small acts of kindness or engagement like this boost my confidence that this venture might turn out good in the end.

Author: Morgan

free spirit and braveheart

2 thoughts on “Going native”

  1. and you had doubts????? We all told you in a short time you would have so many ‘ friends’ that it would just seem like home!!!!!

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