New York

God forbid

After a trip down to the the Apple store this bitterly cold evening I decided to pop into Zabar’s for some soul food, in this case,  a hot drink and a knish. I settled myself onto one of the stools at the communal table next to three older ladies. It was Maggie Smith meets Upper West Side.

A… did she go into rehab?…

B.  oh yes she did do rehab..

A. …because they say it isn’t always successful…

C. (unclear) ….I had therapy…

B. so did I.  I had wonderful therapy….

B. I had to have the operation but I didn’t sue the handyman though I was down on the floor before he said watch your step… but he would’ve lost his job. You know what?  I have a metal femur.

B ….Anyway it doesn’t get easier

A.  No sweetheart it doesn’t

B ….but we’re still here. I had to have surgery too my surgeon was excellent . His father was the one who operated on Kennedy…. his back.

C ….(conversation switches to food in a holiday hotel) I figured it was better not be tempted it’s hard

A…. well I’m with you and he’s kosher too you know?

C … it’s too heavy I know now what my mother meant.

( B  gets up to get some ice-cream)

C. I’m just looking at that coat..

A. I don’t wear a fur coat, no way,  but I understand people who want to…

C. I had a mink coat but you know what? I never wore it..

A. Oh I had a fox fur collar, leather coats and all that kind of crap …but of course then there was  the garment district..

( B returns ) can I interest you in some ice cream?

A.   No thank you so much but I appreciate it  (comments on  man at the bar) What kind of scones?  Whaddya think for Chrissake you’re looking at them

C I wonder if theres anything on TV tonight?


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