I think you would agree

Prob 2

People who have any kind of social contact with me know that I am currently grappling with a Probability and Statistics class that would not have been on my bucket list of academic courses to take before I die. It has been thrust upon me  as a requirement of my academic program, and I am ( sportily I think) doing my best to understand concepts way out of  my  intellectual comfort zone. So, as well as attending  class twice a week with my regular professor, I do some cramming with some online tutoring  classes, and have accumulated a bunch of text books to help me crack impenetrable codes of Conditional Probability and Binomial distribution.

Prob 3

Being a word rather than number person, I  have noticed is how both real life and online professors use a particular kind of discourse when giving their lectures at world speed . Phrases which preclude any discussion like  ‘and I hope you understand that …’ or I think you would agree ..’ and I want you to understand …. have us all in locked into effortful and anguished attention, trying to do just that. Sometimes our face-to-face prof tries to rock it up a little with interjections  Gee! boom! and so thats kinda cool . But he doesn’t fool anyone.

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