My mother, myself.

IMG_0701I am now officially my mother. Its been coming on gradually over the last few months, which makes me think it might be a developmental thing connected with a significant birthday I have coming up. Or perhaps my new status as a grandmother.

Whatever the reason, these days I sometimes find myself coming out with my mother’s sayings, mini homilies of morality, wise woman stuff which was layered onto my mind during my childhood and after years lying dormant has started to pop out unexpectedly in my conversation.

Some of the phrases are  connected with childrearing, such as ‘he can’t grasp his sleep’ to describe a wakeful child. Another favourite of hers  is “you wouldn’t stop a galloping horse to notice that”. – a common sense response to dismiss problems of a trivial nature.My mother has always been intensely practical.

Others reflected a time when money had to be made go round, and were perhaps heard from her own mother in the 1930s. Phrases like ‘to be poor and show poor is damn poor,  which always makes me think of Scarlett O’ Hara pulling  down the green velvet curtains to make herself a dress.  ‘Cheap is dear in the long run’ was another warning against false economies. But the one I dreaded most was ‘swank money’ – extra money you would take with you on a school trip to look flush, but which you would bring home without spending.

4 replies on “My mother, myself.”

Sian, this did make me smile and made me remember similar ‘sayings’, mainly from my lovely grandma. One of her favourite sayings in a similar vein would be “pay up and look big”. It is interesting how all these memories are embedded somewhere and emerge when we get older, just waiting to remind us all where we came from and who we are. Lovely memories and nice photographs too. Thanks for sharing.

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